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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Little Blue Lovelies....

Are starting to pop up and join the purple irises! The rest of the place looks dreary, and they are so welcoming.

I started with only a few bulbs years ago. I think I bought 25, but maybe it was 50. They have readily multiplied. The pic only shows half the area I planted them in, and you can see there are many more than the original amount.
I hope there are no overly warm days soon so I can enjoy them and the crocus that are popping up everywhere for as long as possible. Though if they only bloomed for a day, I would still be a very happy woman.
If you want some cultural info please see my first post about the purple irises.


Dirt Princess said...

Well isn't that a sight to see! How wonderful!!! My first 2 irises (ever) have just bloomed. I can't wait for them to double over the years to come. What an inspiration to all the other plants in your garden!

NellJean said...

Oh, such pretties! Miniature irises have never lasted for me. Snake's Head Iris returns, fitfully. Only later, native irises succeed well here.

Voter Mom said...

Someone sent me some seeds labelled "blue iris" to WS -- I hope they are as pretty as those! I'm quite excited about them.

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