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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Key Largo Garden Walk, Condo A-1

Inlet at Buttonwood Bay.

My next stop was to Buttonwood Bay Condominiums. Unit A-1, was different than the rest and absolutely A 1! The entire front walk is landscaped. Each entrance and small yard is a compliment to the adjoining ones.


This wonderful cooperative effort was started by the gentleman who lived at the end of the condo block. He owned a nursery up north at one time and was obviously a plant lover. When he first moved in, the whole area was barren except for the trees. He got permission to do some planting, his neighbors saw the difference it made, and they all caught the gardening bug! The residents I met were very proud of their condo walk, and I don't blame them.
At the side of the building, the gentleman who started it all had built a beautiful shade garden.

Around the back, the patio side facing the inlet was just as nice. The collective effort to beautify was refreshing. Too bad more condos and homeowner association type neighborhoods don't welcome this type of landscaping effort.

Again since I promised down in Key Largo, if you wish to see the rest of the pics click here.

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