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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Leg Two of the Keys Garden Walk

Waterfall at the end of the Dolphin pool.

My next stop was at Island Dolphin Care. The gardens here were planted by a couple Girl Scout Troops!
I think they did a wonderful job. There were a lot of natives and butterfly attracting plants.
If you wish to see the rest of the pics click here.


The next stop was on Seagate Blvd. This home was planted with natives fairly recently. It looked great for a newer garden, and it will only become better with age. The mass plantings of Ruellia looked wonderful.
Mass Planting of Ruellia

Not actually part of the garden, but I loved it just the same, was the canoe sandbox.Boat Sandbox
If you wish to see the rest of the garden pics click here.


From here I stopped back at Dad's and then stopped at Beach House Gardens Nursery. They had free snacks and water which was well appreciated. I had a guava turnover, interesting and yummy.

Hibiscus at the nursery.

Very interesting gardens to come soon...

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