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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Garden Trip Adventures

Going to visit special nurseries and gardens is always a great time. In the past week, I went to 3 places, Palmiter Garden Nursery, Jerry Kral's garden, and Cottage Gardens Daylilies.

I met the owners of Palmiter's in early spring at the Rochester Gardenscape show. They are located in Avon a small town outside of Rochester. They are very well known for their amazing peonies. Their nursery came about from being gardeners who had plants people admired, so they began to sell, and things progressed from there. So there is a large home garden to see besides the plants for sale.
Though a bit pricey compared to so other nurseries, the plants were excellent quality and the staff was friendly and helpful.


Rock Garden Society member, Jerry Kral, had a visit to his garden for our chapter. He is very lucky to have an acre garden within the city limits of Rochester. His backyard is mostly shade gardens filled with amazing plant specimens and garden art.


It was easy to take cool pics at his place.

He does have a sunny area complete with rock gardens at the back corner of his property.

It was a fantastic home garden to visit!


Friends and I were lucky enough to visit Cottage Gardens Daylilies in Medina again this year. The day started off very rainy, but it did calm to a gentler rain as we got there, and we had a great time.
Hilde and Elizabeth checking out the daylilies
Hilde and Elizabeth perusing the daylilies

Besides the daylily fields, there is also a beautiful house garden to enjoy.

Brent Ross, the owner is a very friendly and funny guy.

Debbie 4 - Brent Ross Seedling that I bought
Debbie 4, a seedling of Brent's that came home with me

I'm already looking forward to next year's trip!

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