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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

4th Annual Buffalo~Niagara Tomato TasteFest

One of the tables full of tomatoes to taste

Me donning the over the top tomato apron that I found last winter.

The party was a great success as usual. We had quite the turnout, and it definitely was an eat, drink, and be merry kind of day.

Some of the attendees

The winners are as follows:
Sweetest~ Snow White grown by Mark Korney
Prettiest~ Sparks Yellow grown by Julianna G. aka Sorellina
Ugliest~ a big unknown lumpy pink tomato grown by Toby Rotella. We had a late arrival of one that was butt ugly and looked like a giant curled up horn worm that garnered a few votes and probably would have won if they arrived earlier so Toby kept his certificate, but graciously gave his bag of TomatoTone to Tauna the grown of "Hornworm"

Tangiest~ Guernsey Island grown by me. I finally won something
Smallest~ Matt's Wild Cherry grown by Mark Korney
Largest~ We didn't get any monster ones this year and Rob K. couldn't make it so I didn't give out an award. I personally did have a 15.8oz. Romeo paste tomato.

Best of All
was a tie! the prize was given to Henderson's Winsall grown by Julianna G. The other vote getter was Humph grown by me.
Norm Brown Award(Craziest Tomato Lover) was given to Pomona for traveling the farthest to come. She came from Pittsburg. (We did have representatives from SC and CA there, but they were already in town.)

We as usual had lots of yummy food.

This avocado, tomato, and corn "salsa" was quite yummy.

And people won great raffle prizes.

I'm already looking forward to next year!

To see all the pics, CLICK HERE.

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