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Monday, March 23, 2009

For Better or Worse, the Tomatoes are Planted

Aunt Ruby's German Green
Sorry 'Aunt Ruby's German Green', I won't be growing you this year.

I was a few days late of St. Joseph's Day, and it took awhile to move my plant jungle out of the greenhouse window to various spots to live out the rest of winter, but I got it done. I decided on 40 varieties out of the hundreds I have. I also planted a few tomato relatives, 8 pepper(To a certain person, I have misplaced the peppadews!UPDATE 3/31~ I found the seeds and planted them!) and 3 eggplant varieties.

Today was also an interesting day since I met the Garden Guru from Sirius radio. I went to the Buffalo Botanical Gardens for a volunteers meeting, and it was a meet the new director get together. To my suprise, David Daehnke, the Garden Guru, is the new director. He seems like he will do great things for the gardens, fresh, new, full of promise, and he has nice eyes.

More for my memory than anything:
Amish Potato Leaf
Azoychka, sm. yellow, early beefsteak
Bear Claw, beefsteak
Berkley Tie Dye, multi-colored
Burracker's Favorite, bi-color
Carbon, black
Cherokee Green
Depp's Pink Firefly
Earl's Faux
Early Glee
Eckert's Polish
Gajo di Melon(Slice of Melon), bi-color cherry
Golden Queen USDA, sm. yellow globe
Grosse Cotelee, red globe
Guernsey Island, red striped w/bronze
Hellfrucht(Hell Fruit), red globes, unusual growing leaves like flames
Huge Black - from my deceased trading friend, Spider/Bert
Kentucky Beefsteak, orange
Little Lucky, sm. bi-color
Magnus, pink, old Livingston variety
New Big Dwarf
Orange Flesh Purple Smudge
Polish Dwarf
Polish Giant
Polish Pastel, unusual bi-color paste
Prudens Purple, large pink beefsteak
Purple Hillbilly
Red Shaker -from my deceased tomato friend Norm
Roughwood Golden Tiger, unusual striped plum
Rozovyi Flamingo(Pink Flamingo)- for Babci
Sabre - for my Buffalo Sabres loving husband
Silver Fir Tree, dwarf
Snow White, cherry
Stump of the World, sm. deep pink beefsteak
Victorian Dwarf
Zogola, huge fruit
humm... I seemed to have gone heavy on the Polish, maybe I should have honored St. Stan.

Chichiquelite Huckleberry
Ground Cherry
Naranjilla(Solanum quitoense)

Listada di Gandia
Ping Tung

Banana Bill, sweet hybrid
Early Niagara Giant, sweet bell
Fenton's Red, very sweet, saved from a farmer who got experimental seed from unknown company, probably stokes
San Salvatore Calabrese, sweet sheepnose
Beaver Dam, mildly hot
Korean Dark Green, hot for kimchee
Pizza, mild hot
Trinidad Seasoning, mild hot, hab type


Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Wow. I'm growing 17 varieties this year and thought I was being obsessive. I can't wait to hear your critique this summer on which is the best. I love a good tomato. Even a bad one is still pretty good.

Remy said...

I'll definitely have some critiques. Many of these varieties are new for me this year.
I tried to post how lovely your seedlings were on your blog a few days back, but for some reason, I couldn't post!!

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