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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some Favorite Scene Pics from the Garden

The entrance to the veggie garden in June.

Section of Driveway aka The Long Border in Sept.
Part of the Long Border in September

Front walk grape hyacinths, tulips
The front walk in May

I'm sure I'll find more to add on later.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Missing The Roses

Dr. Huey that came with the house

It is Black Friday. I will never get up early to shop with a bunch of people who most likely make me want to start swearing like a merchant marine. I would rather spend more money than endure that.

Driving around today, I was stopped on the Blvd. where all the old motels are. Remnants of rose petals hung to the stems. I thought of my roses at home with buds that never developed into blooms before the killing freeze.

I planted quite a few roses this fall. I haven't added new ones in quite some time. I had run out of space, but a new deck this summer put ideas of new flower beds in motion. I decided to expand and lose some more grass. I'm not a big fan of grass.

I'll be showing a lot of photos of roses and other flowers hopefully on this blog.

Long John Silver
Long John Silver

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Japanese Anemone 'Montrose'
Anemone 'Montrose'

This is the first post. It really is about nothing. I just want to get started I'm hoping by spring I've gotten the hang of this.

The cold has come early this year. There are many bulbs still sitting in the garage waiting for a break in the freezing weather.
I'm working on a sending seeds to huge seeds swap, and I've volunteered to host another in January. It keeps me busy during the winter.
Please check out my Gardenweb exchange page in the links if you are interested in seed trading.

Wintersowing is also a great thing to help pass the time. Spring comes with much anticipation.


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