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Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Daffodils! (and a few friends)

Early Tulip

I feel bad that I've ignoring some of my other bulbs! The tulips pictured above I received from Scheeper's a few years back. I forgot their name. They were the replacement for the year before's fiasco. I bought a variety that was suppose to be a muted red-yellow combo as above and they bloomed screaming yellow-red. I actually wrote a letter to complain, but I did it nicely, and I got these as a free replacement the following fall.
Ok back to the daffodils, lol.


'Misty Glen'


The next photo show 2 types of double I received at the first WNY GardenWeb plant swap from a young woman named Jen.
Names Unknown

Oh this next little cutie I forgot to post before. He is 'Toby the First'. He does start blooming early, and he blooms for a long time. The only drawback to him is his price tag! Photobucket

This last photo for tonight is of one of my favorite bulbs, though the photo isn't. It is the clump blooming Hyacinth 'Festival Blue'. They do make nice clumps increasing over time, and they smell fantastic too!

Lots more Daffodils to come. I hope you're not getting tired of them!


NellJean said...

Tired? I never get tired of pictures of Daffodils, going down the page saying, "I grow that one; need that one; old fav; have that in 3 places; never saw that one before."

I tried Festival hyacinths for the first time this year. I think they'll be fine here.

Daffodils are all gone here, agapanthus has buds.

Remy said...

I could never tire of them either!
I wish I could grow agapanthus. It is just too cold here. I have seen them in bloom at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens. They are great looking plants. I have added Alliums in the past couple years. Though not agapanthus, I have taken a liking to them.
Hopefully the Festival hyacinths get better every year for you like they have for me!

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