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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dance of the Daffodils

'High Society'

High Society is like Pink Charm's more refined sister with the delicate pink rim. I do like her, but I guess I like to hang out with the wilder sibling. Speaking of wild looking, 'Van Sion' always looks like someone rolling out of bed after a night of partying.
'Van Sion'

I originally received these from a trader long ago on GardenWeb. In fact it was the first trade I ever did. A woman was offering green and yellow daffodils. I though, "Green?! I must get some of those!" They are odd and some might say ugly, but I adore them still.
A couple years ago in another GardenWeb trade, I received the following double which is all yellow, but there's color variation. I think it may be 'Butter and Eggs'. It also reminds me of a person rolling out of bed after a night of partying, but this one is that person you hate because for some reason they still look good.

The next one set me back a few bucks, but I wanted a pink-yellow combo daffodil so badly. The color variation is subtle, but I do like it. The daffodil is a good garden performer and has come back strong every year. That is the one worry about buying the more expensive culitvars~ Will they return for a second season?

Ok, one more for the night... This was the first "pink" daffodil I ever bought. Some of those old daffodils faded away, but she still comes back every year.

Don't worry the dance has just begun...

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