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Monday, April 27, 2009

Finally! Spring Is Here And So Am I

Daffodil 'Rip Van Winkle'

It is good to have my computer back. The old and very slow laptop was torture. I have taken tons of pics, so now I'm back logged with all of them! This is not a good time of year to fall behind. I've been cleaning, weeding, planting, and taking care of my tomato babies. Now the forsythia are blooming, so it is time to prune the roses. This is a task that takes a few days. I don't mind it though since I don't do much else to my roses. Anyway, here's a few more daffodil pics for tonight.

'Professor Einstein'

'Katie Heath'

'Pink Charm'


Don't worry, I'll post more daffodils soon! : )


Dirt Princess said...

They are beauties!!! Glad to have you back with us

NellJean said...

Good to see you back in place. Pink Charm is one of my favs.

Rip van W. went to sleep in my garden and was never seen in bloom.

Remy said...

Dirt Princess,
Thanks! I'm so glad to be back : )

I love Pink Charm too. I have them planted in a few spots.
Lol about Rip going to sleep in your garden. He's an odd sort. I'm going to post pics of Van Sion which I like to think of a Rip's big brother.

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