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Monday, January 12, 2009

More Winter Blues...

The cold isn't going anywhere for awhile! Thank goodness for wood burning stoves. It really makes the house quite toasty.
The comments from the last post made me think I should post more photos!
Speaking to Tom about Forget-me-nots, I said how I love the carpet of blue they make in spring.
I originally planted them in this area near the Zebra iris.
Zebra Iris, Allium, and forget-me-nots
They have since traveled down the driveway and they bloomed in the front walk this year. I think they look great with the tulips.

Here's the gorgeous little Iris reticulata. It blooms very early when most of the garden still is asleep. Sometimes they get covered in snow, but they will still be blooming when the snow melts.
These cuties should be planted where you will notice them so early. I have them along the front flower bed in front of the porch. Out back would be no good since no one ventures there in late winter/early spring. I've had visitors get very excited to realize they were real plants that were blooming. It is fun to see a 75 year old woman act like an excited child over the blooms.

Here's my own clematis that I mentioned to Cogardengram.
This Clematis sprouted on its own a couple years ago. I moved it next to a rambling rose. It finally bloomed!
When I first saw it bloom. You don't know how excited I got! I couldn't believe my baby was so beautiful.

Here's another blue(almost) beauty that I forgot about. See what winter cold does, makes you forget how wonderful June was! This is Veronica 'Royal Blue' with the polyantha rose 'Marie Pavie'.
Marie Pavie, polyantha, with Veronica Royal Blue
Ok, I'll take a break for now. Hopefully I've posted enough to have taken the chill out of the winter cold!

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Tom said...

Those Forget me nots make a great filler. I scattered seeds all through the garden last fall. It'll be interesting to see what comes up this year.

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