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Friday, December 26, 2008

Buffalo-Niagara Tomato Tastefest

I'm a hostess to the Buffalo-Niagara Tomato Tastefest. It is held the Saturday after Labor Day every year on Grand Island. This year we had 96 different varieties of tomatoes.
This is just some of them!

Prizes are given out to winners of various categories. The winners this year are as follows:
Best Tomato went to Stump of the World!
It was grown by Mark Korney. Hilde also grew it, but I made the executive decision that Mark's tasted better.
Second place went to:
Tie between Earl's Faux and Dice's Mystery Black.

Sweetest Tomato went to Sungold.
It was grown by Richard Price.
Second place was a tie between Hugh's and Rinaldo.
Rinaldo was grown by me. This one also got a vote for Best Tasting. This is surprising since it is a paste! (that I and many others got from Bully a couple years ago.)

Tangiest Tomato went to White Rabbit.
It was grown by Julianna(Sorellina.)
No second place, the rest were all single votes.

Prettiest Tomato went to Eva Purple Ball.
It was grown by Hilde Reineck.
Second place went to Plum Tigress.

Ugliest went to Voyage.
It was grown by Tristan Morris our youngest tomato grower there!
Second place went to an ugly cat-faced bumpy unknown.
It was grown by Ginny Barber.

Biggest went to Mexico at 2lbs 2.2 oz.!
It was grown by Mark Korney.
There were quite a few other big ones like Tom's Yellow Wonder and Rose Beauty, but I didn't record who's actually came in second.

Smallest went to Mexico Midget.
It was grown by Mark Korney.
Second place went to Remy Rouge.
It was grown by me.

Craziest Tomato Lover went to Hilde's mom.
She came all the way from Norway!
Second place was Toby Rotella, my father, of Key Largo, Florida.

We have a wonderful time rain or shine. Besides tomatoes, lots of great food is eaten!

If you are interested in attending, please email me.

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