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Monday, July 11, 2011

2011 Trek to Cottage Gardens Daylilies

Every year a couple girlfriends and I make the drive out to Medina, NY to visit Cottage Gardens Daylilies. We would all tell you it is worth the visit. This year was sunny and warm, perfect for strolling around looking at the flowers.The daylily field is quite the site to see during the month of July.

This year I bought the following four.

Alpine Mist

Only Believe

Minstrel Boy, yes I know terrible name, but the flower is gorgeous.

Skinny Dipping, very tall, just what I needed.

Brent Ross, the owner, is always helpful and friendly.

His wife Debbie and he have created a beautiful house garden containing other complimentary plants and even a water garden complete with water lilies.

I take so many photos of daylilies there, it is hard to pick just a few to show you. But here are some of the beauties that were blooming.

Plucky Pixie

Darlington County

Primal Scream

Twist and Spin

Mask of Eternity

I Wanna Piranha

Hope you enjoyed the pics!
If you would like to see all the photos on my photobucket album, Click Here.


Maria said...

I came over to your blog after you identified my mystery allium on GardenWeb. Your daylily flowers are GORGEOUS. Gorgeous! I'm reluctant to even get started collecting daylilies because the acreage I bought in Kansas has.........acres of the orange ones (I really do have an insane amount of them). But all those other varieties.....swoon. I'm trying to keep all my plantings native but....well, I find myself compromising almost daily. Daylilies are now at the top of list. :-)

Remy said...

Thanks Maria. It is amazing what daylilies have evolved into from those orange ditch lilies.
It is hard to have control when buying! I do it by having a set amount I will spend and sticking to it.

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