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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Parade of Roses

Delphinuim and 'Vineyard Song'

I'm busy busy right now so I can't discuss much, but suffice it to say that June is my favorite month in the garden. I love my roses! So I'm posting some of my rose photos for you to to enjoy. : )

'Just Joey', Hybrid Tea

'St Cecelia', English

'Belle de Crecy', Gallica

'Hawkeye Belle', Buck

'Reine Des Violettes', Hybrid Perpetual

'Prairie Sunrise', Buck

'Darlow's Enigma' in a corner of the vegetable garden

'Mme. Ernest Calvat', Bourbon

Hope you enjoyed the pics!


Beth Behr said...

Great blog and pictures! Those are the prettiest roses I have ever seen! Great job! Where do you buy your seeds and what is the price range if you don't mind my asking? They are absolutely amazing. Really great job, thanks!

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Remy said...

Hi Beth, so sorry to take so long to get back to you. I had a death in the family and then of course forgot about your post.
I'm glad you like the roses. Of course those are not from seed. My favorite company for roses at the present time is Chamblee's http://www.chambleeroses.com/
For seeds of other plants, I often trade, and I buy from small seeds companies. I own The Sample Seeds Shop. http://SampleSeeds.com

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