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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Has Been Wet and Cold!

'Easter Bonnet' Daffodils

This is the worse spring I can remember! I do believe the News said it was the rainiest April ever. I've hardly had times to enjoy the daffodil blooms. This also of course means the garden is a mess! I can't handle cold rain. I do hope this is not a sign of how summer will be. I of course signed up this year to be in the local garden tour and nightmares of not being ready are already tossing around in my head! For those of you interested. The tour is part of the National Gardening Festival of Buffalo.

I will be part of the Kenmore/Tonawanda tours on Sat. July 23 and Sun. July 24. (After all the gardens have been entered in June, you can get more specific info by clicking here.)

Thinking of all this on a rainy day, I made a list of garden nurseries and centers links in the WNY area to visit that are listed towards the bottom of this page. If you have a favorite that I forgot, let me know.

Old Heirloom Daffodil from a GW friend in Arkansas which I believe is 'Butter and Eggs'

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