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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May, Going Out With A Bang

Poppy 'Princess Victoria Louise'

Many first blooms happened today!

Kevin's Theme Tall Bearded Iris blooming near the grapes.

As many of you in the northeaster part of the country know, we had the worst spring ever. It was the rainiest it has ever been, and I am not exaggerating. It was also cold. Well we went from that straight to summer. It was hot yesterday and today was about 90! So this really kick started the blooms.

Hansa, a rugosa rose

Hansa is reliably early. Most years it does begin to bloom by the end of May. Once in full bloom, it smells fantastic. The scent travels a long way.

Iris tectorum(Japanese Roof Iris)

I was thrilled to see these! I thought they were Iris cristata when I got them. These things happen sometimes. So Iris cristata needs to be acquired.

Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus syn. H. flava (Lemon Lily)

Ok so it is not a very good pic of this daylily, but I had to include it since it started blooming today. Most years it is even earlier. I see people complain about this flower, that it has too short of a bloom time. I say who cares! It is a daylily blooming super early, and it smells good too.

Viburnum trilobum (American Cranberry Viburnum)

So this one has been blooming for a little while now. I don't often see it advertised, but this shrub's blossoms smell good. Later in the year, it will make edible fruit which the birds love. If you don't grow viburnums, you should!! They are wonderful shrubs. Even when out of bloom, they look attractive. I have this one, V. Carlcephalum, which I've posted pics of before, and V. dentatum 'Chicago Luster' (Arrow Wood Viburnum.) Chicago Luster still is in bud at the moment.
I was at first afraid of them not doing well since the open spots I had were in full sun. Viburnums are often though of a part shade shrubs. I've found that as long as the soil it good and well mulched, they are happy.

Tree Wisteris, that I trained

Lastly, I leave you with this pic. No it is not blooming now. It is done, but I didn't get around to posting anything when it was in its height of bloom this month. I wish you could see how wonderful this looks in person.


Brainna Mcslacker said...

WOW, I liked your garden and flowers.
Awesome blog. I just stumbled upon your blog. What kind of seeds you’re using?
non GMO seedsor GMO seeds?

Remy said...

Hi Brainna, Thanks! I do not use GMO seeds. I don't think there are GMO flowers, not yet anyway. If Monsanto figures out a way to make a profit, they'll try try though.

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