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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fantin Latour


This is the rose that makes me sigh that sigh you make just look at something so incredibly beautiful . Fantin Latour was named after the still life painter, Henri Fantin-Latour. Maybe the person who named this rose thought it looked too perfect to be real like a painting?
I bought this rose after a pic I saw in a book. It called out to me. It is a centifolia hybrid so there was some question as to how hardy it would be and how large it would become. I read 5'x'5' for a more northern location. Well that was completely wrong. Fantin is a monster shrub! The winter here does it no harm.
Fantin Latour

I actually have a small shade garden beneath Fantin.
Shade Garden Beneath Fantin Latour Rose including a Mini Mugo Pine and Hosta June

I still have trouble fathoming why people don't plant once bloomers more often. I have some re-bloomers, but I'll never look up to see a view like this.
Fantin Latour
Fantin becomes so full of blooms the stems can start to bend down toward the ground. It has a lovely scent as well. I don't fertilize this rose either. This is another I would be afraid to rose. There are not a lot of thorns on Fantin's canes. It can get black spot later in the season, but I've never had it become an eyesore.

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Gottagarden said...

If these are centifolia roses, these are what I like. Hundreds of petals, beautiful romantic form and a propensity to take over the world. One day I must see your roses in person!

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