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Monday, February 9, 2009

The Many Faces of Leontine Gervais

Leontine Gervais

Leontine Gervais is a large rambling rose that loves to change the look and color of her blooms. Some years the flowers are very double like 2008 and other years they readily show their stamens.
leontine gervais

Even in the same growing season the look of the blooms varies.
Leontine Gervais
I'm not bothered by the changes, I love them.
Leontine Gervais

Leontine grows in a wild octopus type fashion. She is thorny, and will grab you as you pass, but you can escape her grasp unlike the strong grip of LJS. The foliage is is a nice glossy green that stay beautiful until winter makes them drop. This rose is very disease resistant. I also have never fertilized it.
Leontine Gervais

I've found the scent to be elusive. There a few roses like this for me. There have been a few good discussions on scent on the Antique Roses Forum on GW in the past, and it seems certain scents are hard for some noses to detect. I just know sometimes I smell Leontine and some times I don't. I've been with people that could smell him while I could not.
While in full bloom she is a quite a charmer. People always make comments on her that pass by the house. I've even been asked for cuttings.
Leontine Gervais
As the blooms age they take on a pinker tone.
Leontine Gervais

At that point usually a thunderstorm comes rolling through and all the beauty becomes a memory.


Jean said...

Gorgeous! I enjoy the changes as blossoms mature.

I haven't looked at the discussion on scent, but I love a rose like Rose de Rescht that you can smell from a short distance, wafting over the garden.


Remy said...

So glad you liked the pics : )

Rose de Rescht is one rose I've always had on my want list!
The scent discussion I mentioned was an old one. (I fixed my wording.) But it was an interesting discussion. I can hardy smell my Darlow's Enigma which I also know has a scent. It must be some component in the musk rose type of scent that doesn't register with me. I've got no problem with other rose scents, and I find some of them exceptionally strong. I can smell Hansa from at least 20 feet away.

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