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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Poor Abandoned Blog

Daylily 'Beautiful Edgings'

Things in life get crazy sometimes, and some things get pushed to the back like this blog. My business has taken off which of course leads to less free time. I also had a few deaths and illnesses of close family and friends last year. Which of course can put you in a funk and leave you with even less free time. But life is good. My house is a mess, but life is good : )
So what made me finally post? Thoughts of vacation. I'm taking my annual trek to the Florida Keys tomorrow. I posted a few times about vacation last year. I hope to do so again. I also hope to get more pics on here afterwards too.
We'll see where things go...


Jim, The Gaudy Garden said...

you are missed

Zach said...

Have a safe trip, you lucky duck you. Take some snow with you while you are there.

Remy said...

It was so nice to be snowless for awhile. Seeing plants blooming outdoors was awful nice too : ) I am lucky to have such a great place to visit every year.

Thanks Jim! I'm going to posting pics of the Upper Keys Garden Walk in the next few days. I also still hae lots of pics from last year. Hopefully I post some of those too.

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